Practical advice for those traveling alone

I have been traveling alone for almost 10 years and all the life I explore the world. I am sincere when I started traveling alone I made a lot of mistakes, based on common sense, on excessive prevention, programming, but basically we always do it, when we start doing something we never do it well. On this page I would like to collect the most important tips that come to mind, if you have others to ask, write to me.

Ask anyone who can give it to you!
If you could have one euro for all the emails I received that started with “They told me that ..” Before listening to people addressing your choices, ask who these people are. First of all, ask them if they did the thing they are talking about. “Not going to Colombia alone is very dangerous!” Ok, did you ever go there? Because if you rely on the Narcos series, we don’t need your advice. Check that the person giving you advice is similar to you. I am an imaginary of the sea and a dear friend of mine hates water, honestly I wouldn’t ask him if he liked the Philippines. If you don’t have friends or acquaintances to ask for help, look on the web, but I always recommend bloggers with your travel guide.

Fear of traveling alone
Guys being afraid is normal, everyone has it especially for new things! Fear serves to protect us from danger and to make us think more but remember not to become a slave to it! Fears face each other! All! If you still haven’t succeeded it is because maybe you don’t have the tools or you don’t know how to do it, but in the end I’m here for that too no? 😉

Once the fears we have overcome we must point the finger on the world map and go! Not for everyone is an easy thing, many remain hours to decide where and for how long. What I always say is: follow your desires, try to go right to the place you have been thinking about for years, it’s just the beginning, you always have your whole life ahead to go to the other 180 countries.

For many, the economic factor is still an important limit, I am honestly money is not the hardest thing to find, but time. In the journey there is an axiom, the more time you have and the less you can spend, vacationers think the opposite but we let them think that we go on vacation to an all inclusive resort! On the journey it is different, the time gives you the luxury of choosing the cheapest means of transport, of negotiating the price for a room for a week instead of two nights, it gives you the opportunity to cook instead of always going to the restaurant.

What makes the difference in the amount of money you spend is your ability to be flexible, to adapt, to renounce comfort in the name of the street. It’s not easy for everyone, I’m sincere, but I’ve met people who give up everything to keep on traveling, kids who spent only € 3 a day! So the next time you don’t use the money as an alibi, confess that maybe you can’t make it so much low-cost travel. However, there are several tips to save on travel.

How to stay for little money
The easiest ways to spend little are camping and doing Couchsurfing (ie staying free at people’s homes), another alternative that I always recommend and go to the hostel . I think the hostel is the perfect solution for lonely travelers, you spend little, meet so many people, you don’t feel obliged to socialize, if you get bored of being quiet, you talk, you can ask everyone for advice and then if you need your privacy you can always take a private room. I am sincere, most of the times when I book a hostel (which happens very little because I usually go there in the morning walking or even by phone) or when I happen to take a hotel I prefer to book with Booking, for the simple reason that they don’t ask me for the money at the time of booking and then I can cancel up to 15 days before.