Picking the right tour for whale watching in Hervey Bay

If you are looking for a tour for whale watching in Hervey Bay there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an adventure or an exciting time to spend with your children it is important that you choose the right kind of marine encounters to ensure that they are safe for your loved ones.

Whale watching can be a rewarding experience when you go on the right kind of tour and have the right kind of people to guide you throughout the journey. However it is important that you have some idea regarding the training which the crew has had specifically the people who you would be interacting with during the tour. Get to know what they have studied and make sure that you have any idea regarding their experience in helping people observe whales.

There are some companies that run a seasonal whale watch in addition with other businesses such as diving. However it is important is that the tour you choose is focused towards Marine wildlife and not just a glimpses of the sea creatures and then head off somewhere else. Whether they are offering whale watching tours every season and whether they are committed to devoting time and energy helping people study whales.

You would also need to find out how long the boating company has been in business. It is important that you have some idea regarding their reputation and whether they respect the whale watching guidelines set out by the The Marine organisations. Also you need to understand that there are smaller boats which usually do not honour the maximum passenger load therefore it is important that you do not go for a whale watching tour which is cheap but one which adheres to the guidelines.

Whale watching requires a good quality boat and an experienced and knowledgeable crew in order to ensure that the passengers get an exceptional whale watching experience. However a Boat with a high surface allows you to see the whales easily and also observe their behaviour without the waves getting between you and they animals. Also you need to have space to move around freely so that you can photograph these gentle marine creatures in their habitats.

You also need to consider the boat setup and whether it offers a comfortable and relaxing ride for watching the whales. The boat should also have some kind of shade if you are prone to getting Sunburn and a bathroom on the boat can actually be a blessing  because you would be on tour for at least three or four hours. Sometimes a boat which is run by engines is disturbing for The whales in their natural habitat so it is important that you only go with boats which are committed to whale watching and consider seaworthiness.

Most of all, your tour company should know when’s the whale watching season in Hervey Bay.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would allow you to pick the right whale watching tour in Hervey Bay