Check-list for Choosing Family Resorts Gold Coast

Holidaying with kids can be fun and exciting for the entire family with the right choice of family resort to spend it on. When travelling to the Gold Coast, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the best family resorts Gold Coast.

It’s a happier vacation for mum and dad when kids are happy. This makes it doubly important to choose the best family resort to spend the holidays in. Here is a check-list to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the family resort.


Safe and beautiful beach

A resort with a swimmable, beautiful, and safe beach for kids is always a big plus. Choosing a resort that allows safe snorkeling and playing for kids will be the highlight of the entire vacation.

Some beachside resorts have gone the extra mile of providing complimentary beach toys from spades and buckets for kids to dig to their heart’s desire. Some have set up beachside bars that cater meals to kids and adults to jack up an enjoyable time for families.


Kids’ club

Vacation weather will not always be perfect. Rainy days during the vacation can dampen the spirits, making both parents and kids grumpy. Resorts with kids’ clubs can be a lifesaver. Some resorts have kids’ clubs that offer drawing and language classes while others feature hunting frogs and collecting shells. Then there are other resorts that have heated pools and water slides to entertain kids while it’s raining outside.

Kids’ clubs in resorts offering them include two separate areas for toddlers and bigger children. This separation allows them to indulge in activities designed for their age and level of activity.

The point here is to choose resorts that feature a kids’ club. This allows parents to have free time to enjoy their vacation as well.

Slides and swimming pools

Most resorts offer swimming pools. However, the best resorts add a twist to the usual swimming pools by offering water play areas, multiple pools, and waterslides. This means that kids will be able to enjoy lots of happy time swimming and playing plus get the chance to meet other kids their age as well.

Some good resorts have even gone to the trouble of sectioning a shallow area of kiddie pools to allow babies and toddlers to swim safely. This is an outstanding feature to consider especially when you have toddlers or babies on board during vacation time.


Free meals for kids

Many resorts have seen the advantage of offering free meals to kids ranging from ages 10-12 when they are with adults at mealtimes. There are exceptional resorts that offer breakfast pancakes shaped to almost anything the kids want. While these types of resorts may come with a higher price tag, you can just imagine the ingenuity behind this offer.


Offering activities for kids at check-in

Checking in is a tiring and stressful time for parents and kids. Long journeys can make kids arrive tired, hungry, and grumpy. Some resorts offer perfect solutions by having staff assist kids with drawing and colouring activities. The hungry ones can always avail of some nibbles while they wait for parents to complete the check-in process.


Vacation time is relaxing and bonding time for families. Ultiqa offer family resorts on the Gold Coast. Let us help you achieve the dream vacation you’ve always wanted for your family.