Travel spending little – 10 tips

1. Flexibility first and foremost The prices, as you will know, vary enormously depending on the period in which you travel. Set off in the low season when possible, not only will you get cheaper prices but also less tourists in particularly popular places. If you really can’t be flexible with the dates then try […]

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The advantages of printing custom ID cards

There are several benefits of printing custom ID cards. Having a physical ID card is unique for every organisation. It can help define your brand and serve as an advertisement for your brand philosophy.

Custom ID cards printing tips

One reason for investing in custom ID cards is that you can design them according to your specific requirements. Several businesses ensure that their employees always wear their ID’s when at work. Some popular options include magnetic stripe encoding, barcode scanning, and using smart card technology. Businesses can make use of specific security features like holographic overlays and ads you’ll be printing to help prevent incidents of counterfeiting.

Before starting the printing process, you must consider specific steps. You have to choose card stock. Make sure that it is designed from a thick material. A thicker card is durable and will last longer.

The following are some benefits of printing custom ID cards for your employees.

The benefits of custom ID cards

One of the main advantages of custom ID cards is that they offer better security. With the help of unique design elements and security features, the cards can prevent unauthorised access. It also helps deter fraudulent activity. Moreover, custom ID cards can include personalised information such as employee photos and job titles, which would help identify them and ensure that only authorised people are accessing the secure areas.

When employees wear custom ID cards provided by AAC, it looks professional, and it is easy to When employees wear custom ID cards, it looks professional, and it is easy to identify them on-site. The card’s design matches your business’s branding, creating a unified look across the organisation. You can incorporate different technologies into your custom ID cards to streamline organisational processes and improve employee efficiency.

Another significant advantage of a custom ID card is that it can be a cost-effective investment. Although you might need to make an initial investment in designing the cards, the long-term benefits outweigh its costs. Using identity cards allows the organisation to reduce the risk of security threats. It also becomes easy to track employee attendance and monitor access, so it will help improve efficiency and lead to cost saving over time.

Making use of custom ID cards can help create employee engagement. When employees have their personalised ID cards, it can help them feel valued and recognised. Moreover, custom ID cards are helpful in tracking employee accomplishments and provide them with a sense of recognition and achievement.

If you are thinking about having custom ID cards printed for your employees, make sure you hire a reliable printer. Check out the online reviews for ID card printers and choose an individual who provides quality service for their clients. Once you have done your research, make sure that you check out the printer’s samples to get an idea of the card that you want to design. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to create the right custom ID cards.

Is It Necessary To Host Your Business Functions In A Hotel On The Gold Coast?

Any time you are planning on business functions one of the things that you have to think about is where you will be hosting these functions.  The kind of venue that you choose for your function determines whether it’s enjoyable, memorable and successful or not.  This is why it is important for you to pay attention to where you’ll be hosting your business functions.  There are so many types of function venues that you can consider and a good example is a hotel.  With so many hotels available in the Gold Coast, finding a hotel to host your business function will not be a challenging task.  However, before you decide on hosting your business functions in a hotel it is important for you to find out why this idea is suitable for you.

Why Hosting Business Functions In A Hotel On The Gold Coast Is Necessary

When hosting business functions on the Gold Coast, you have the freedom of selecting the kind of venue that will be suitable for your function.  However hosting your functions in a hotel might be a suitable idea for you especially due to the following reasons;

  • You get to work with one team that offers or services

One of the main reasons why hosting business functions in a hotel on the  Gold Coast is a good idea is the fact that the hotel offers you with a team that offers all the services you need. When you schedule your functions at a hotel you get a theme that offers all the services you need exclusively.  This helps you simplify the process of planning for your functions and instead have a peaceful time making the arrangements.

  • Hotels offer multiple function rooms options

Most of the hotels that host business functions among other events always have a variety of rooms and function spaces for booking.  This gives you the chance to select the option that is suitable for you in terms of the amount of space you need and the features available.

  • On-site accommodation for guests

In case you’re planning to host business functions that will take a long time it is important for you to ensure that all we are guests enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in a good hotel room that is available in the location you host your functions.  This minimizes the transportation cost you and your guest in the car traveling to and from the function room you rent.

  • Hotels provide you with their hotel catering and staff

There’s a reason why you should consider hosting your business functions in a hotel. Hotels like Gold Coast Turf Club provide you with their catering and staff.  This ensures that you guests get who they want during any of your functions unlike when you host your business functions elsewhere.  Also the meals in the hotel are prepared professionally while the staff provide your guests with warm and friendly hospitality.

  • Special amenities are available

Hotels are always making sure that they have all the special amenities they are customers require for their own comfort and extra enjoyment in their stay at the hotel.  Some of these amenities include room service, access to the bar and hotel, spa treatment, fitness centre, valet parking and gym.  This means that when you host your business functions in a hotel you are guests will have access to all the special amenities they need.

 In case you have never hosted your business functions in a hotel on the Gold Coast, you might be thinking that this is not the right decision to make.  However, after reading the above section you now have all the information you need to make the decision of whether you should host to your business functions in a hotel or not.  Most probably you will go for this idea since you and your guests will enjoy so many privileges during your stay in the hotel.

Picking the right tour for whale watching in Hervey Bay

If you are looking for a tour for whale watching in Hervey Bay there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an adventure or an exciting time to spend with your children it is important that you choose the right kind of marine encounters to ensure that they are safe for your loved ones.

Whale watching can be a rewarding experience when you go on the right kind of tour and have the right kind of people to guide you throughout the journey. However it is important that you have some idea regarding the training which the crew has had specifically the people who you would be interacting with during the tour. Get to know what they have studied and make sure that you have any idea regarding their experience in helping people observe whales.

There are some companies that run a seasonal whale watch in addition with other businesses such as diving. However it is important is that the tour you choose is focused towards Marine wildlife and not just a glimpses of the sea creatures and then head off somewhere else. Whether they are offering whale watching tours every season and whether they are committed to devoting time and energy helping people study whales.

You would also need to find out how long the boating company has been in business. It is important that you have some idea regarding their reputation and whether they respect the whale watching guidelines set out by the The Marine organisations. Also you need to understand that there are smaller boats which usually do not honour the maximum passenger load therefore it is important that you do not go for a whale watching tour which is cheap but one which adheres to the guidelines.

Whale watching requires a good quality boat and an experienced and knowledgeable crew in order to ensure that the passengers get an exceptional whale watching experience. However a Boat with a high surface allows you to see the whales easily and also observe their behaviour without the waves getting between you and they animals. Also you need to have space to move around freely so that you can photograph these gentle marine creatures in their habitats.

You also need to consider the boat setup and whether it offers a comfortable and relaxing ride for watching the whales. The boat should also have some kind of shade if you are prone to getting Sunburn and a bathroom on the boat can actually be a blessing  because you would be on tour for at least three or four hours. Sometimes a boat which is run by engines is disturbing for The whales in their natural habitat so it is important that you only go with boats which are committed to whale watching and consider seaworthiness.

Most of all, your tour company should know when’s the whale watching season in Hervey Bay.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would allow you to pick the right whale watching tour in Hervey Bay

Essential Things That a Hotel Must Offer To Its Customers

Hoteliers always think of how to please their customers. That is why we are seeing hotels with imaginative designs and amenities cropping up from all directions. This is to push boundaries of what a hotel experience should feel. How would you feel while in an underwater hotel or a treetop hideaway?

These innovative designs will wow people. But great designs without basic amenities leaves your hotel unsatisfactory to customers. So regardless of the outlook of your hotel, ensure that smaller things that make your hotel look welcoming and comfortable are delivered most exceptionally.

Pay attention to the following:


Cleanliness should not be compromised when it comes to hotels.  Bathrooms, public spaces, bedrooms and amenities should remain clean at all times. It is vital also to recycle wastes, to reduce their presence. However, it should be done most hygienically.

Comfortable beds

When you choose to sleep in a hotel, you must get the most satisfactory services because you are paying for them in the first place. Comfort means that the beds are of great quality, well maintained, clean, and have a modern design.

Proper ventilation is a significant concern. When the bed is well-positioned well in your room, airflow will be perfect. Advanced Richlands hotel applies creativity to make their customer comfortable. For instance, they become creative with pillow and blanket offerings, provided your guests get comfortable choices.

Adequate security

A hotel should typically be a home away from home. Before looking for a hotel, you must consider their level of security. Currently, many hotels focus on providing personalised security measures covering different categories of individuals – women, elderly, and women.

With advancing technology, it is easier to provide better security. But still, having a human touch to the safety measures of a hotel gives customers more confidence.

Attentive phone answering

Richlands hotel, like any other hotel, has a standard policy of “answer the phone in three rings.” The sad part is that most hotels do not adhere to this policy thoroughly. Probably, you’ve ever made a call, and it was directed to an agent who even doesn’t have the right information. This means the call is transferred again.

What you should look for is the qualification of the agent. A qualified agent will effectively and efficiently give the right information with just one call. They’ll only refer you to another department if it is absolutely necessary.

Bathroom plumbing

Bathroom matters are always of great concern. Bathrooms that are poorly constructed usually have had problems with cleaning and flow of water. Keep in mind; it is not only about showers or bathtubs. Again, you’ll be highly inconvenienced if the toilets and sinks have a poor flow of water.

As a guest, the room you choose should have potable water. The water should be flowing properly, i.e., continuous running hot water within showers, while the sinks and toilets should have no leaks.


Adequate lighting in hotel rooms and walkways gives a hotel a sense of uniqueness, especially if the kinds of lights used are exclusive. Customers shouldn’t find it challenging to move around. Sufficient lighting typically provides a sense of security and enhances the guest room experience.

Tasty food

While the availability of food outlets may vary across as the pert hotel service level, some factors should remain constant, e.g. hot breakfast. Book a table at Richlands Hotel and enjoy the different cuisines available.




Hervey Bay Luxury Accommodation

Hervey Bay is a magical place if you are looking for luxury accommodation for your holiday. It is a small quiet place to unwind and stay away from daily maddening routing to sit back and relax. If you are searching for a honeymoon destination, a family escape or a romantic place you have just arrived. At the heart of Hervey Bay is packed with lots of luxury resorts that offer high-end accommodation and hospitality services. When you arrive at Hervey Bay allow yourself two to three days to explore the town and if you want to extend to other neighbouring towns you can add some more.

If you want to explore this beautiful destination, I have a list of things to do for at least three days to keep you busy and wanting some more. Let’s begin with; where is Hervey Bay? And then the list of activities you can do while on your holiday at Hervey Bay. Many have been here and loved it, and I hope you love it too.

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is about 3.5 hours drive north of Brisbane. The distance is 290KM but with plenty of stopovers for beautiful sceneries like Glasshouse mountain on the sunshine coast to look at along the road before arriving.

Now let’s delve straight into the list of things to do while in Hervey Bay town:

Whale watching

Whale watching should be at the top of your to-do list while staying in Hervey Bay. Whale watching is one of the top reasons why many people visit Hervey Bay, and it happens between July and October because it is seasonal. The whale season brings loads of options to explore. The options are morning whale watching tour, afternoon whale watching tour, ¾ day tour with some yummy buffet included for lunch, and if you can swim peacefully together with the whales, you have that option too.

Get to Fraser Islands from Hervey Bay

You can use barges and ferries, which run daily. When you arrive at Fraser Islands, there is a lot to do. If you want to save on cost, why not combine whale watching and Fraser Island tour.

Relaxation at the beach

Getting to Hervey Bay beach allows you to enjoy relaxation and peaceful experience. It is suitable for families with kids because they can rest knowing their kids are safe.

Esplanade walk & cycle trail

Stroll the beautiful paths at the waterfront. Here is where bikers and walkers cross paths as they partake their daily routine exercise. It is an easy way to end your holiday. Enjoy some delicious food from cafes’ and shops lining the walking path. You will find spending more if you have no problem with the budget.

Botanical gardens

You have the pleasure to enjoy the botanical garden on a lazy afternoon where you will have some for thought and pleasure at a go.

Water parks

There is no holiday deemed enjoyable without getting wet. Most families love wet sessions. You can enjoy water parks because most of them are free of charge and many families and individuals find it a place to have some wonderful fun.

Historical villages and museums

You can visit these places in the afternoon instead of doing nothing. Get to the cultures and how ancient people used to live their lives. After winding up every day of your holiday wait to be treated at one of the luxury resorts with high-end amenities.

Choose an Aqua Aqua Luxury accommodation that is near to all the exciting places and activities that you must visit.


Cairns Fishing Charters- How to find the best fishing charter

Planning a fishing trip with friends? Chances are you might have already started looking for Cairns fishing charters. Finding the right charter is crucial if you want to ensure your trip is a success. Finding a charter with a good captain and a ship is what’s actually going to help make your trip one to remember.

If you have any worries or issues regarding your fishing trip, talk to a charter service and they would be able to put you at ease. Generally if children are accompanying you on the trip, you have to make sure that the vessel which you hire has added safety for little ones. Plus there should be a few activities planned for the younger ones who may not be too interested in the catch. This is why some research of fishing charters in Cairns is important.

Also if you aren’t really knowledgeable about the whole fishing area, your captain would ensure that you are no feeling stuck. They would guide you regarding the use of baits and also provide all the information about the species of fish which you are bound to find at a particular spot.

Also the budget which you have would determine what kind of fishing charter you would be able to afford. From helping you select the right gear and ensuring that you do take a catch home, your captain and crew would be a major help. Therefore make sure to keep the following things in mind when choosing a cairns fishing charter.


Deciding on a budget

While it’s okay that you may want to save a few hundred dollars on your fishing trip, scrimping too much might spoil all the fun. If you are fishing for the first time, you have to hire a captain and a boat which can help make your trip memorable. For that if you have to pay a bit extra, it shouldn’t matter a great deal. However going for the cheapest option would not be the best decision that you take.

While many people consider a single day fishing trip a bit too expensive there are several reasons why it’s expensive to charter a boat. The captain is responsible for the entire crew, the upkeep and maintenance of the boat including the fuel. Also if you are a novice the captain would provide you with the fishing equipment as well. When you consider all these factors, the fishing charter’s rates are justified.

Look for early bird discounts

While getting a charter in peak fishing season might get expensive, if you make an early booing you may get an early bird discount. Make sure you keep your eyes out for any offers which might come your way.


Keep safety a priority

It’s important that you keep safety as your number one priority. Make sure that the charter has an insurance cover. Plus they should be equipped with proper life jackets for everyone on board. The captain and the crew need to have proper training for CPR and other lifesaving skills.

To make the most out of your vacation, call Adrenaline Fishing Charters in Cairns.



Check-list for Choosing Family Resorts Gold Coast

Holidaying with kids can be fun and exciting for the entire family with the right choice of family resort to spend it on. When travelling to the Gold Coast, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the best family resorts Gold Coast.

It’s a happier vacation for mum and dad when kids are happy. This makes it doubly important to choose the best family resort to spend the holidays in. Here is a check-list to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the family resort.


Safe and beautiful beach

A resort with a swimmable, beautiful, and safe beach for kids is always a big plus. Choosing a resort that allows safe snorkeling and playing for kids will be the highlight of the entire vacation.

Some beachside resorts have gone the extra mile of providing complimentary beach toys from spades and buckets for kids to dig to their heart’s desire. Some have set up beachside bars that cater meals to kids and adults to jack up an enjoyable time for families.


Kids’ club

Vacation weather will not always be perfect. Rainy days during the vacation can dampen the spirits, making both parents and kids grumpy. Resorts with kids’ clubs can be a lifesaver. Some resorts have kids’ clubs that offer drawing and language classes while others feature hunting frogs and collecting shells. Then there are other resorts that have heated pools and water slides to entertain kids while it’s raining outside.

Kids’ clubs in resorts offering them include two separate areas for toddlers and bigger children. This separation allows them to indulge in activities designed for their age and level of activity.

The point here is to choose resorts that feature a kids’ club. This allows parents to have free time to enjoy their vacation as well.

Slides and swimming pools

Most resorts offer swimming pools. However, the best resorts add a twist to the usual swimming pools by offering water play areas, multiple pools, and waterslides. This means that kids will be able to enjoy lots of happy time swimming and playing plus get the chance to meet other kids their age as well.

Some good resorts have even gone to the trouble of sectioning a shallow area of kiddie pools to allow babies and toddlers to swim safely. This is an outstanding feature to consider especially when you have toddlers or babies on board during vacation time.


Free meals for kids

Many resorts have seen the advantage of offering free meals to kids ranging from ages 10-12 when they are with adults at mealtimes. There are exceptional resorts that offer breakfast pancakes shaped to almost anything the kids want. While these types of resorts may come with a higher price tag, you can just imagine the ingenuity behind this offer.


Offering activities for kids at check-in

Checking in is a tiring and stressful time for parents and kids. Long journeys can make kids arrive tired, hungry, and grumpy. Some resorts offer perfect solutions by having staff assist kids with drawing and colouring activities. The hungry ones can always avail of some nibbles while they wait for parents to complete the check-in process.


Vacation time is relaxing and bonding time for families. Ultiqa offer family resorts on the Gold Coast. Let us help you achieve the dream vacation you’ve always wanted for your family.


5 Must Do Water Activities if You’re Planning Your Next Trip To The Maldives

If you’re lucky enough to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, then you better take full advantage of it. Let’s admit, Maldives is one of the most breathtaking countries in not just South Asia, but on the entire globe with scenic views of the Indian ocean surrounding it. If you plan your next visit to Maldives, here are 5 must-do water activities that you should take up during your stay;

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving cairns is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have in your life. Surrounding yourself with the vast ocean, exploring the life under water will give you a new understanding of life itself. The water is nice and warm and there is no need for wet suits. If you don’t know how to swim, that’s not an issue either because your diving instructor will be there to guide you throughout the experience. There is also great visibility in the clear water of Maldives so you get to see a lot of sea-life!

Jet Skiing

If under water sports aren’t your thing, then you can have your adrenaline fix by racing the clear blue waters on a jet ski. There is no better place to have this experience than the clear, vast blue waters of the island, the wind in your hair, the water caressing at your feet and nothing to stop you!


This is an experience quite a lot of people enjoy in the Maldives because of the water being so clear. You get to experience the transparent ocean bed at the edge of your kayak even at a distance from the shore. Make sure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your loved ones!

Swimming with the Dolphins

This is an experience you don’t want to miss! Maldives is a great place to spot dolphins and since it’s a tourist spot, the dolphins are quite used to people being around their environment so they are quite playful. They’re also great entertainers and want to put on a show if they see people watching. Keeping a distance so not to disturb them, you can swim in the same waters in proximity with them and watch them in their natural habitat. And if you’re lucky and they like you, they come up close to say hi!


If you’re not much of a diver, then you can take up snorkeling. It doesn’t require any of the heavy equipment that scuba diving does and can be done on your own. All you need is a mask and a pair of fins to get you going. The reefs aren’t too deep either and you can observe schools of fish as well as turtles and exotic fish, even near the shore. 


Travel spending little – 10 tips

1. Flexibility first and foremost
The prices, as you will know, vary enormously depending on the period in which you travel. Set off in the low season when possible, not only will you get cheaper prices but also less tourists in particularly popular places. If you really can’t be flexible with the dates then try to be flexible with the destination, in short, don’t go to Ibiza in the middle of August and expect to spend little. Be curious and look for alternative destinations.

2. Create an intelligent itinerary
Avoid moving in a zigzag fashion and build a route that allows you to move as efficiently as possible. In this guide you will find all my tips for organizing a trip to the fullest.

3. Don’t buy a guide
The web is always richer in information, travel blogs are plenty as well as forums. Finding all the information you need is no longer as difficult as it used to be. An extremely useful site that I can recommend especially if you chew some English is wikitravel , in addition to my blog, of course!

Well, now that you have read all these tips, try to put them into practice as much as possible and you will immediately see your expenses go down. As you will have understood, the secret is to use unconventional methods but above all it is to get rid of the holiday mentality and enter into that of a traveler.

4. Save on airline tickets
Often the air ticket is an expense that greatly affects the total cost of a trip, read my guide on how to find cheap flights and become a low-cost flight ninja!

An economic flight ticket is the beginning of every low-cost journey

5. Travel light
It may seem strange but traveling light can really save you a lot of money. The ideal would be to be able to travel with hand luggage only to avoid unnecessary surcharges on the part of airlines. Remember to weigh your luggage before you leave. In addition, if your luggage is heavy, it will also be tempting to take a taxi rather than walk. I believe that a good backpack is the ultimate solution for low-cost travelers.

6. Always carry a water bottle
The cost of water can also have an impact on the cost of your trip. Always carry a water bottle or an empty bottle to fill. In some countries it is not advisable to drink tap water but it is still worth having a water bottle because many hostels / hotels provide drinking water for their guests. The solution for all situations is the bottle with integrated filter .

Here you will find the complete list of things that I take on the road to be ready for everything and at the same time travel light.

7. Fight expensive incidents
For travel outside Europe, take out a good travel insurance that at least covers you for medical expenses and civil liability. In this article I compare those that I think are the best for value for money. For travel within the European Union, I do not recommend taking out a policy because you enjoy the same rights as the insured persons in the country where you are. It is explained here .

If you are looking for more advice on how to travel safely then I recommend this article .

8. The student discount
Are you a student? There is the possibility that you are entitled to a discount even abroad, just remember to bring your student card, with photo.

Money management

9. Use a card without currency exchange fees
Currency exchange commissions are expressed as a percentage and can even reach 3%, this means that if you are withdrawing in a currency other than the euro, in addition to the cost of the withdrawal, which may already be a few euros, you will have to pay an additional 3% on the total of the amount withdrawn.

For operation within the euro zone the problem does not exist but pay attention to the fixed withdrawal cost outside Italy.

The best cards for traveling abroad

10. Pay with the card
Whenever you go to the counter, bank commissions accumulate, especially outside the European Union. Therefore, try to pay with the card whenever possible but avoid doing so in suspicious places and always ask if there is a commission.

Practical advice for those traveling alone

I have been traveling alone for almost 10 years and all the life I explore the world. I am sincere when I started traveling alone I made a lot of mistakes, based on common sense, on excessive prevention, programming, but basically we always do it, when we start doing something we never do it well. On this page I would like to collect the most important tips that come to mind, if you have others to ask, write to me.

Ask anyone who can give it to you!
If you could have one euro for all the emails I received that started with “They told me that ..” Before listening to people addressing your choices, ask who these people are. First of all, ask them if they did the thing they are talking about. “Not going to Colombia alone is very dangerous!” Ok, did you ever go there? Because if you rely on the Narcos series, we don’t need your advice. Check that the person giving you advice is similar to you. I am an imaginary of the sea and a dear friend of mine hates water, honestly I wouldn’t ask him if he liked the Philippines. If you don’t have friends or acquaintances to ask for help, look on the web, but I always recommend bloggers with your travel guide.

Fear of traveling alone
Guys being afraid is normal, everyone has it especially for new things! Fear serves to protect us from danger and to make us think more but remember not to become a slave to it! Fears face each other! All! If you still haven’t succeeded it is because maybe you don’t have the tools or you don’t know how to do it, but in the end I’m here for that too no? 😉

Once the fears we have overcome we must point the finger on the world map and go! Not for everyone is an easy thing, many remain hours to decide where and for how long. What I always say is: follow your desires, try to go right to the place you have been thinking about for years, it’s just the beginning, you always have your whole life ahead to go to the other 180 countries.

For many, the economic factor is still an important limit, I am honestly money is not the hardest thing to find, but time. In the journey there is an axiom, the more time you have and the less you can spend, vacationers think the opposite but we let them think that we go on vacation to an all inclusive resort! On the journey it is different, the time gives you the luxury of choosing the cheapest means of transport, of negotiating the price for a room for a week instead of two nights, it gives you the opportunity to cook instead of always going to the restaurant.

What makes the difference in the amount of money you spend is your ability to be flexible, to adapt, to renounce comfort in the name of the street. It’s not easy for everyone, I’m sincere, but I’ve met people who give up everything to keep on traveling, kids who spent only € 3 a day! So the next time you don’t use the money as an alibi, confess that maybe you can’t make it so much low-cost travel. However, there are several tips to save on travel.

How to stay for little money
The easiest ways to spend little are camping and doing Couchsurfing (ie staying free at people’s homes), another alternative that I always recommend and go to the hostel . I think the hostel is the perfect solution for lonely travelers, you spend little, meet so many people, you don’t feel obliged to socialize, if you get bored of being quiet, you talk, you can ask everyone for advice and then if you need your privacy you can always take a private room. I am sincere, most of the times when I book a hostel (which happens very little because I usually go there in the morning walking or even by phone) or when I happen to take a hotel I prefer to book with Booking, for the simple reason that they don’t ask me for the money at the time of booking and then I can cancel up to 15 days before.