Essential Things That a Hotel Must Offer To Its Customers

Hoteliers always think of how to please their customers. That is why we are seeing hotels with imaginative designs and amenities cropping up from all directions. This is to push boundaries of what a hotel experience should feel. How would you feel while in an underwater hotel or a treetop hideaway?

These innovative designs will wow people. But great designs without basic amenities leaves your hotel unsatisfactory to customers. So regardless of the outlook of your hotel, ensure that smaller things that make your hotel look welcoming and comfortable are delivered most exceptionally.

Pay attention to the following:


Cleanliness should not be compromised when it comes to hotels.  Bathrooms, public spaces, bedrooms and amenities should remain clean at all times. It is vital also to recycle wastes, to reduce their presence. However, it should be done most hygienically.

Comfortable beds

When you choose to sleep in a hotel, you must get the most satisfactory services because you are paying for them in the first place. Comfort means that the beds are of great quality, well maintained, clean, and have a modern design.

Proper ventilation is a significant concern. When the bed is well-positioned well in your room, airflow will be perfect. Advanced Richlands hotel applies creativity to make their customer comfortable. For instance, they become creative with pillow and blanket offerings, provided your guests get comfortable choices.

Adequate security

A hotel should typically be a home away from home. Before looking for a hotel, you must consider their level of security. Currently, many hotels focus on providing personalised security measures covering different categories of individuals – women, elderly, and women.

With advancing technology, it is easier to provide better security. But still, having a human touch to the safety measures of a hotel gives customers more confidence.

Attentive phone answering

Richlands hotel, like any other hotel, has a standard policy of “answer the phone in three rings.” The sad part is that most hotels do not adhere to this policy thoroughly. Probably, you’ve ever made a call, and it was directed to an agent who even doesn’t have the right information. This means the call is transferred again.

What you should look for is the qualification of the agent. A qualified agent will effectively and efficiently give the right information with just one call. They’ll only refer you to another department if it is absolutely necessary.

Bathroom plumbing

Bathroom matters are always of great concern. Bathrooms that are poorly constructed usually have had problems with cleaning and flow of water. Keep in mind; it is not only about showers or bathtubs. Again, you’ll be highly inconvenienced if the toilets and sinks have a poor flow of water.

As a guest, the room you choose should have potable water. The water should be flowing properly, i.e., continuous running hot water within showers, while the sinks and toilets should have no leaks.


Adequate lighting in hotel rooms and walkways gives a hotel a sense of uniqueness, especially if the kinds of lights used are exclusive. Customers shouldn’t find it challenging to move around. Sufficient lighting typically provides a sense of security and enhances the guest room experience.

Tasty food

While the availability of food outlets may vary across as the pert hotel service level, some factors should remain constant, e.g. hot breakfast. Book a table at Richlands Hotel and enjoy the different cuisines available.